Corinna Luyken is the author-illustrator of THE TREE IN ME; as well as the NY Times bestseller, MY HEART; and THE BOOK OF MISTAKES, which has been praised by Entertainment Weekly, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and more.  She is also the illustrator of SOMETHING GOOD and ADRIAN SIMCOX DOES NOT HAVE A HORSE, both written by Marcy Campbell; as well as NOTHING IN COMMON, written by Kate Hoefler; and WEIRD LITTLE ROBOTS, written by Carolyn Crimi. She lives near the Salish Se— in Olympia, WA with her husband, daughter, and two small cats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you pronounce your name?
 Koh-ree-nah  Loo-kehn 
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For book illustration inquiries please contact:
Steven Malk of Writers House
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Writers House Art

Mail can be sent to:
Corinna Luyken c/o Writers House
7660 Fay Avenue #338H
La Jolla, CA 92037

Can you tell us a little bit about some of your books?
Meet-the-Author of The Book of Mistakes

Meet-the-Author of Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have a Horse

Meet-the-Author of My Heart

Also see essays for more insight into the making of the tree in me, my heart, The Book of Mistakes, & Nothing In Common 

PATCHWORK, written by Matt de la Pena, GP Putnam and Sons (8.30.22
SOMETHING GOOD, written by Marcy Campbell, Little Brown
THE TREE IN ME, Dial Books For Young Readers
NOTHING IN COMMON, written by Kate Hoefler, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
WEIRD LITTLE ROBOTS, written by Carolyn Crimi, Candlewick Press
MY HEART, DIAL Books For Young Readers
Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have A Horse, written by Marcy Campbell, Dial Books For Young Readers
THE BOOK OF MISTAKES, DIAL Books For Young Readers

Upcoming Books:

ABC and YOU and me, Summer 2023, Rocky Pond Books (Penguin)
IN THE DARK, written by Kate Hoefler, Fall 2023, Knopf (Random House)
THE ARGUERS, Spring 2024, Rocky Pond Books (Penguin)

Honors and Awards:
2021 Then Loveliest Children's Books of 2021: The Marginalian (Formerly Brain Pickings): THE TREE IN ME
2021 Indie Bestseller List, THE TREE IN ME
2020 Huckepack Award, Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have A Horse
2020 Pacific NW Bookseller Association Award, MY HEART
2019 New York Times Bestseller, MY HEART
2019 Society of Illustrators Showcase, MY HEART
2019 WA State Book Award Finalist, Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have A Horse
2019 Crystal Kite Award, Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have A Horse
2019 Reader's Choice Book Award in Juvenile Literature, Ohioana Library Association, Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have A Horse
2019 Comstock-Gag Read Aloud Book Award, Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have A Horse
2019 3x3 International Merit Award , Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have A Horse
2019 PNBA Book Award Finalist, Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have A Horse

2018 PNBA Book Award, The Book of Mistakes.
2018 Internation Literacy Association Children's Book Award,The Book of Mistakes
2018 SCBWI Crystal Kite Award for The Book of Mistakes
2018 Bologna Ragazzi Opera Prima Honorable Mention, The Book of Mistakes
2018 Goodreads Readers Choice Award Finalist, The Book of Mistakes
2018 WA State Book Award finalist, The Book of Mistakes
2018 3x3 International Silver Medal winner, The Book of Mistakes
2018 Society of Illustrators Showcase, Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have A Horse

2017 NPR Best Books of 2017, The Book of Mistakes
2017 Society of Illustrators Showcase, The Book of Mistakes

2015 Don Freedman Work In Progress Grant: MY HEART, SCBWI International.
2015 Portfolio Showcase Award: SCBWI International Conference in Los Angeles, CA.
2015 Grand Prize Winner: SCBWI WWA Portfolio Showcase. SCBWI Western WA Conference, Seattle, WA.
2014 Second Runner-up: SCBWI WWA Juried Portfolio Show. SCBWI Western WA Conference, Seattle, WA.
2013 Illustration Portfolio Mentee Award: SCBWI Inernational Conference in Los Angeles, CA.
2000 Poetry Fellow: Stadler Center for Poetry, Bucknell University, PA.
1999 Student Scholarship Award: Breadloaf Writers Conference, Ripton, VT.

Praise for THE TREE IN ME:
“Movement and energy pour through the spreads as the children play, run, and embrace the very air in this celebration of the way the force of nature courses through every living being.”
—Publishers Weekly
“A celebration of humankind’s connection to the natural world, as a child joyfully observes how a tree—and all the elements that allow it to flourish—lives on in people. Luyken captures the splendor of nature in her brushwork and patterns.”
—Kirkus Reviews
Awards and Accolades for MY HEART:
New York Times Best Seller ▪ 3 starred reviews ▪ PNBA Book Award Winner ▪ Indie Next List Pick (Top 10)
Nerdies Best Picture Books of the Year ▪ Book Page Best of the Year ▪ Original Art Show ▪ Brain Pickings Best Books of the Year

“An emotional intelligence primer about the capacities of the heart, about love as a practice rather than a state, about how it can frustrate us, brighten us, frighten us, and ultimately expand us. What emerges is one of those rare, miraculous “children’s” books teaching kids about some elemental aspect of being human while inviting grownups to unlearn what we have learned in order to rediscover and reinhabit the purest, most innocent truths of our humanity.”
—Brain Pickings on My Heart

★ “This message of this quiet book should be shouted from the rooftops. It begs to be read aloud, and it is a masterful blending of text and illustration.”
—School Library Journal, starred review of My Heart

★ “Soothing, simple phrasing and masterful printmaking harness metaphors to make a heart's complexity accessible to children just recognizing its many manifestations… Sensitive, stunning words and pictures speak directly to young hearts.”
—Kirkus Reviews, starred review of My Heart

Awards and Accolades for The Book of Mistakes:
4 starred reviews ▪ New York Public Library Best Books of the Year ▪ NPR Best of the Year ▪ PNBA Book Award Winner ▪ Nerdies Best Picture Books of the Year ▪  Bologna Ragazzi Opera Prima Honor ▪  Boston Globe Best of the Year 

“At once philosophical and imbued with adventurousness, this picture book lifts to the level of the sublime the idea of putting one's slip-ups in perspective.”
—The Wall Street Journal of The Book of Mistakes

★ “This will lead kids to see their own so-called mistakes in a new, more positive light.”
—Booklist, starred review of The Book of Mistakes

★ “The idea of setbacks being opportunities in disguise is no stranger to picture book pages, but rarely has it been illuminated with such style, imagination, and compassion.”
—Publishers Weekly, starred review of The Book of Mistakes

Some of Corinna's early paintings can be seen on the set of the Universal Pictures film Baby Mama.