Virtual/COVID Events and Read Aloud Permissions:

Corinna is offering a 30-45 min virtual school visit during COVID.  During this time she can read from THE TREE IN ME, her brand new, Spring 2021 book (or any of her other books) talk about the inspiration for the book, show sample sketches, give a short studio tour, describe a simple art activity, and answer student questions.  The rate is $300-$350 for a 30-45 minute virtual visit.

Also, PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE has relaxed some of their restrictions for schools and libraries interested in doing read aloud during COVID.  More detailed information below:

           Corinna_school_visit.jpg   Corinna_school_visit_2.jpg       

  • For an excellent overview of why authors charge for school visits, see this post on author Caroline Starr Rose’s blog.


Ready to schedule a visit? For schools in Western WA or within a two hour drive of Olympia, contact Corinna at corinna(at)corinnaluyken.(com) for more information.  

For all other inquiries, please contact Andrea Cruise, Penguin Author Appearance Coordinator, Penguin Young Readers Group: (e) (t) (f)